Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Windows 8 logo is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!

There's something poetic and a little bit strange about Microsoft changing Windows' logo during the centennial anniversary of Titanic's tragic sinking. Many people involved in the great streamliner's design and building of windows 8 logo and surely those buying into publicity about it, Regarded Titanic as unsinkable. There's similar pervasive view about Windows, that nothing can sink its market leadership. Uh-oh, someone only put the watertight doors as high as E deck. So naturally a question has been raised among the windows 8 users, does Microsoft think them that their market is unbreakable just like the Titanic management committee announced that the Titanic will be unsinkable!!!

Microsoft's flagship operating system will sail on its maiden voyage, so to speak, with the Consumer Preview coming in less than two weeks. Windows 8 will take a northerly course through ice-infested waters as Microsoft "re-imagines" the platform in ways that will stress customers', developers' and other partners' commitments. Execution will be the key, and every detail planning the course matters. That's right down to the logo, which significance is much bigger than Windows.

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