Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 underrated iPhone games

Probably you have played Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Zombie Smash,Sims 3 Ambitions and Jelly Car 3! We all know and have heard enough of these amazing and exciting  games. I have seen tones of top 5 iPhone game reviews and  I have decided to make a list top 5 iPhone games. Hope this post will be interesting for you. This post  is for those who have already gotten those highly popular games and want some apps that are fun but aren’t that publicly announced a lot.
Number 1
At number one we have an amazing app called Zombie Smash. Zombie Smash is a game that really implements the iPhone touch screen well, the aim of the game is that you must protect your small little house from a hoard of zombies hungry for your brain. Isn’t it interesting? The controls of Zombie Smash are simple but highly effective, flick and smash the zombies by using your finger to gain cash, pick up important items such as guns, liquid  nitrogen, boulders along the way each with their own fun controls. Use the money you can change or buy your weapons and house. This is truly an underrated game as it doesn’t even make it into the top 100. That’s a strange for me!!!!!!!
Number 2
At number two there is an fun-filled game named Sims 3 Ambitions. Sims 3 Ambitions in my opinion is much better then Sims 3 International. This game makes it as top 2 in my list because of the amount of things you can do and the amount of customization you have over your Sims. Of course this isn’t as good as the computer version but it’s a big step up from Sims 3 International. You can get a career, adopt a baby and customize your house and a lot more. This game is just a hidden-goldmine waiting to be as popular as Angry Birds.
Number 3
In my opinion Jelly Car 3 has a lot of potential in being a great game; the controls are amazingly easy and are one of those games you can just relax while playing. It is far better than the previous Jelly Car games because you have more customization on how your car looks. You can also replay back a few steps when you are in a level and need help, those aren’t the only great features of this game because there are a lot more that I’m going to leave for you to discover. Hope you will find out.
Number 4
The game at number 4 is Call of Duty Zombies, yes this game is in the top 50 but in my opinion it is still UNDERRATED, I mean this game is like Black-Ops on an iPhone, the graphics aren’t the best but is pretty good for a shooting game for a game that is run on a iPhone, the amount of weapons you can obtain is intriguing because there are all sorts of weapons you can use to rain chaos on the fellow zombies trying to kill you. I think this game should be at least in the top 25, yes it is a bit expensive( $6.49 NZD) but it is only $1.29 more expensive then Battlefield 2 and is much better. Trust me.
Number 5
Tiny Tower is 5th place in my top 5 underrated iPhone app review because it is already ranked 25 in the free games on iTunes. The reason it made it is because I hardly can see any reviews with this amazing game in it. I chose this instead of Haypi Kingdom( which is vaguely similar to Tiny Tower) because Haypi Kingdom once dominated the free games economy and ranked 1st for a long time.

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