Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Windows 8 logo is a disaster!!!!!!!!!!

There's something poetic and a little bit strange about Microsoft changing Windows' logo during the centennial anniversary of Titanic's tragic sinking. Many people involved in the great streamliner's design and building of windows 8 logo and surely those buying into publicity about it, Regarded Titanic as unsinkable. There's similar pervasive view about Windows, that nothing can sink its market leadership. Uh-oh, someone only put the watertight doors as high as E deck. So naturally a question has been raised among the windows 8 users, does Microsoft think them that their market is unbreakable just like the Titanic management committee announced that the Titanic will be unsinkable!!!

Microsoft's flagship operating system will sail on its maiden voyage, so to speak, with the Consumer Preview coming in less than two weeks. Windows 8 will take a northerly course through ice-infested waters as Microsoft "re-imagines" the platform in ways that will stress customers', developers' and other partners' commitments. Execution will be the key, and every detail planning the course matters. That's right down to the logo, which significance is much bigger than Windows.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Taxi Service At Zurich Airport

At Zurich Airport, you don’t have a major selection of public transportation: bus or taxi. If you conclude to pick a taxi, you will basically need to wait in row at the taxi stand. Plenty of drivers don't talk English, and if you are of greater than three people, the driver has the right to deny you. If by chance he permits, he has the privilege to tell you a extra for the fourth individual. At the same time, he will suggest you a complement in accordance to the number of luggage and the charges to be settled will be that indicated to the meter increased of the supplements. 

Looking for a taxi to Zurich airport (flughafen Zürich) is actually far tougher, it is generally impossible to get a hold of a taxi in Zurich city, especially in the summer time of the year. With the intention to ensure your appropriate arrival at Zurich airport, it is excellent to choose to rent your Zurich taxi in advance, as a lot of local Zurich airport taxis will not accept reservations just before the day of travel. If you are staying in an inn the reception desk can for the most part fix a taxi pickup at the required time, as they often have special arrangements with some taxi providers from Zürich. But watch out, many taxis in Zurich start up the meter from the moment the taxi driver takes off to pick you up, so when the taxi will come, the meter will already indicate more the typical charge. Charges vary per time of day and your place of start or departure in the city.

 Taxi Zurich
Airport service is the optimal pick for taxi transfers from Zurich airport (flughafen Zürich) to your lodge or any personal address, or resort in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. The Zurich Taxi support is a completely complete service and without surprise. If you rent your taxi by taxi zurich, the driver will be ready facing your arrival entrance at Airport Zurich with a sign ZURICH TAXI and your name, and he will aid you with your luggage. The charges which you pay when you will get your reservation, is the last price, no additional charges for the luggage, ready at the airport or in case any traffic jam in the rush hours (morning and afternoon).

Each of our drivers can speak English to guarantee that a professional service is offered to the buyer. We also have the devices essential to transport children from 0 to 7 years old. 

We run 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Provided that you book greater than 1 day prior to the leave, your Zürich airport transfer is definite. We transfer our users in luxury and air-conditioned taxis, limousines, moonscapes or minibus, in ease and luxury.
Zürich Airport Transfer – we guaranteed the best prices for the private taxi transfers from Zürich airport - flughafen Zürich to all destination: Zürich-whether city, airport, Kloten, Dietikon, Dübendorf, Bulach, Wetzikon, Horgen, examination, or any other place in the area of Zürich. Even Winterthur or Affoltern is no problem for us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 underrated iPhone games

Probably you have played Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Zombie Smash,Sims 3 Ambitions and Jelly Car 3! We all know and have heard enough of these amazing and exciting  games. I have seen tones of top 5 iPhone game reviews and  I have decided to make a list top 5 iPhone games. Hope this post will be interesting for you. This post  is for those who have already gotten those highly popular games and want some apps that are fun but aren’t that publicly announced a lot.
Number 1
At number one we have an amazing app called Zombie Smash. Zombie Smash is a game that really implements the iPhone touch screen well, the aim of the game is that you must protect your small little house from a hoard of zombies hungry for your brain. Isn’t it interesting? The controls of Zombie Smash are simple but highly effective, flick and smash the zombies by using your finger to gain cash, pick up important items such as guns, liquid  nitrogen, boulders along the way each with their own fun controls. Use the money you can change or buy your weapons and house. This is truly an underrated game as it doesn’t even make it into the top 100. That’s a strange for me!!!!!!!